Les Poules

Walking act for inhabited giant puppets

Démons et Merveilles - Spectacle Les PoulesLes Poules

The Hens have a place in our imaginary collective familiar heritage. They have a discreet place – nothing is more modest than a hen – so much unavoidable.

Present on every continents, they feed poor and rich people.
But we don’t like them only when they are roast or boiled...
Our childhood songs and tales are filled with little russet hens, with other ones which peck some tough bread, or with a cock which will never more sing, cocodi...

With this universality, the Hen would have became a mythical and pretentious animal. But it hasn’t. Her eye reflects the same abysmal emptiness. Her place in the hierarchy of the bestiary is always situated at the same level : the humblest. 

The Hen, her ordinary animality, her harmless stupidity, the instinctive liking she inspires is at the height of this Company’s (re-)creation.

Invented for the street and open air, Les Poules come in the form of a walking act in a chorus of three giant puppets which can rich 2,5 to 3m high. 

Les Poules has already been performed more than 340 times in numerous Festivals, and international Events in Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Wales...



Upcoming datesUpcoming dates

30 Mar 2019
06 Apr 2019
Fête du Livre Jeunesse - 69600 VILLEURBANNE
07 Apr 2019
Fête du Livre Jeunesse - 69600 VILLEURBANNE
20 Apr 2019
Grande Chasse aux oeufs - 57970 YUTZ
21 Apr 2019
Pâques à l'Ecomusée - 61130 SAINT CYR LA ROSIERE
22 Apr 2019
Les Fêtes de Pâques - 62152 NEUFCHATEL-HARDELOT
23 June 2019
Journée de la Marionnette -37540 SAINT CYR SUR LOIRE
30 June 2019
Les 6 Heures / 24 Heures du Pas-de-Calais - 62620 MAISNIL LES RUITZ
07 July 2019
Festival Renaissances - 55000 BAR LE DUC
19 July 2019
Festival Voyages Imaginaires - 02720 Homblières
20 July 2019
Festival Voyages Imaginaires - 02720 Homblières
27 July 2019
Marché à la Belle étoile - 79100 THOUARS
02 Aug 2019


  • Les Poules


The appearance of these absurd creatures without equal has overwhelmed the audience, laughing and dreaming...
A shrewd move for those hens.
La Meuse

They are empty-headed, didn’t take a large head, it’s quite stupid and it’s quite great... A show which pays tribute to the unfathomable emptiness of those birds of which we barely caricature the features to already laugh. Comb in the air, empty eye, and beak pecking some images of the world when this one is put at their range, they wander, lay two or three stupid things and go away. The troup has a knack for sow discord. Not looking more, a corn of amusingly, a seed of sensibility, a fertilizer of poetry and hop, here is delicious harvest to satisfy the whetest appetites of curiosity...
L’Est Républicain

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