Les DéDé's

Walking act for a duet of inhabited giant puppets

Démons et Merveilles - Spectacle Les DéDé'sLes DéDé's

Who are Les DéDé’s, with their sleepy faces, their arms far too long ?
They are the Standing Sleepers. (In French, Dormeurs Debout = DéDé’s)

Their comfortable slippers, their cozy night dresses make you think in the night, the soft, the intimate, the sweet.

So, Standing Sleepers or Awakened Dreamers ?

Awakened Dreamers for sure, who once thrown into the street, rediscover the world. As if the night had gaven them back their innocence and appetite for discovery.
New, lively, curious, playful, joyful, they recreate through their candid look the urban landscape, and especially those who live in it.
This duo, which falls back sometimes in the sleeping softness... wakes up quicly ...

This show plays, like all the moving shows of the company, the confrontation of imaginary characters, very graphic, with reality. Confrontation that causes a breakdown conducive to poetry, laught and sharing.

Les DéDé’s are comfortable anywhere : in the city, in the countryside, at the sea or in the mountains. Played according to the events, places, and meetings with the public, designed for the street, in the form of a moving show, Les DéDé’s are two funny puppets, of about 2,30 meter.

For Les DéDé’s, the Démons et Merveilles Group is co-produced by the Cultural Center Georges Brassens of Avrillé, and supported by the City of Angers, Anjou Théâtre/Department of Maine et Loire and Region Pays de la Loire.

Created in 2013, Les DéDé’s have already been performed more than 190 times in Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania and Switzerland.




Tours of the year 2020Tours of the year 2020

29 Mar 2020
Carnaval - 14200 HEROUVILLE SAINT CLAIR (Annulé)
04 Apr 2020
Carnaval -17000 LA ROCHELLE (Annulé)
21 June 2020
Théâtre en Festival -80230 SAINT VALERY SUR SOMME (Annulé)
11 July 2020
La Nuit des Merveilles - 3217 BETTEMBOURG - LUXEMBOURG (annulé)
25 July 2020
Festival Les Estivales - 57230 BITCHE (annulé)
26 July 2020
Festival Les Estivales - 57230 BITCHE (annulé)
31 July 2020
Festival Musicalarue - 40430 LUXEY (annulé)
01 Aug 2020
Festival Musicalarue - 40430 LUXEY (annulé)
02 Aug 2020
Festival Musicalarue - 40430 LUXEY (annulé)
06 Sept 2020
Festival Tout Art Fer - 49500 SEGRE ( annulé)
06 Sept 2020
La Sortie de la Rentrée - Théâtre Quartier Libre - 44150 ANCENIS
12 Sept 2020
Festival Rencontres & Vous - 85190 VENANSAULT (annulé)
20 Sept 2020
Fête du Cornet -15300 MURAT (annulé)
25 Sept 2020
Fête du Haricot - 02200 SOISSONS (annulé)
27 Sept 2020
Festifolies d'Automne - 44860 SAINT AIGNAN DE GRANDLIEU (annulé)
12 Dec 2020
Marché de Noël - 37260 MONTS (annulé)
13 Dec 2020
Marché de Noël - 37260 MONTS (annulé)
19 Dec 2020
Noël à Romans -26100 ROMANS (annulé)
20 Dec 2020
Noël à Romans -26100 ROMANS (annulé)



Les DéDé’s are two creatures as we enjoy passing through the streets of Châlon. These characters with their funny face make you smile.
Itinerant dream, they embrace each scene of daily life, coating them with sweetness, leaving the passers-by astounded.
Les DéDé’s delighted the streets of the city during their stroll...

Step by step, they observe the world with an insatiable curiosity and a joyful innocence...
A nice moment of playful and tender poetry.
We love !

...Les DéDé’s hold many surprises for young and old people. Magical characters in the cozy softness, they put the city in festive outfit...


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